Monday, 1 January 2018

Books now also available on ITunes!

For those who prefer shopping on ITunes, you can now download my books there too!            Reviews gratefully welcomed!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Years!

We are ready for New Years tonight! We got the Chinese food dinner all ready with delicious apple pie for dessert. Followed by a good movie. 
2017 has been a busy year for me and my family with renos to our home and all our adventures together.
I have also been busy writing new books. So happy that I published my 2nd book "Jasper and The Shroud of Death." I am busy finishing up my 3rd science fiction book called  "Genation: The Insectivolk wars." Can't wait to see what you think of this newest book.
I look forward to being more connected with everyone and meeting new friends.
My family and I want to especially thank all the readers who purchased my books and left a review. We love to hear from you. 
May you all have a safe and Happy New Years!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

What makes you feel good?

   Many people feel depressed over the Christmas Holidays, but I found writing to be not only therapeutic, but very rewarding. You can write about anything, good or bad, and it will feel great. Most people depend on music as one of their outlets to feel better when emotions are flying under the weather. (Christmas music doesn't always work.) A combination of writing and music or just writing is better to me because it's more specific and personal to you. Also, it puts you in the driver's seat. Maybe a movie, a book or a song won't do what you want it to do. You are, after all, along for the ride.
    So if you're writing about your feelings, writing a letter to someone or just writing something that's completely fictional, you are spending some much needed one-on-one time with someone who matters a great deal to you... Yourself.
   Most people would argue that there's no better company for you than you.

   Have a cheerful and uplifting Christmas this year.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Huge Christmas Sale!

Looking for Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Why not send them a free e-book? Hey, you could even treat yourself also to a new adventurous story!
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Friday, 24 November 2017

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend Sale!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Weekend Sale!
Start your Christmas shopping right now from the convenience of your own home.
All of my e-books are #FREE this weekend only on Smashwords! Prefer paperback? They are also available at Amazon!
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Saturday, 11 November 2017

When you find yourself in a back alley of Metro City and an enormous body of a man drops down out of nowhere and lands right in front of you, what will your first reaction be? He stands at least eight feet tall. The initial thing you notice is a giant wearing an other worldly energy gel suit, but when you see his face and his black eyed stare examining you, you realize this creature is not a man at all... he isn't even from earth!

It is a Volk from another place and time. What will you do?
(A) Poop your pants?
(B) Pee your pants?
(C) Look man, there's only two choices here.

Click here to watch video now!

Watch the scariest video snip-it of 'The Crater Mountain Sasquatch' novel now! 

(Excerpt from the Crater Mountain Sasquatch Legend)

The screams came up again. Faint at first as though muffled from within a great distance, but the shrieks quickly rose louder and louder. Before long, the forest was alive with the horrible screaming and as one would end another would start, but from another direction.
“The men began firing their rifles in all directions until we made our way inside the cabin seeking safety. The last of us finally dashed up the steps of the front porch and ducked into the door that faced the canyon.
“I told the men to calm down, “Don’t use up all of your bullets on targets we can’t see.” Amidst the horrible screams, came the thunderous sound of feet stomping around. We could see the movement of their hairy forms moving past the windows. We were surrounded and there were so many of them. They ran around the sturdy little cabin stirring up a terrible noise. The sound elevated to what it would be for an ant amongst a stampede of horses. We were so scared when they started to strike the cabin snarling and roaring. They jumped up onto the roof at which time we all began to fire our rifles. Like a hoard of women wailing and screaming, they were driving us to insanity. Then, huge stones broke through the ceiling at us. We became braver as we went to the windows and fired at any moving shadows we could see. They had us surrounded. I couldn’t tell how many were out there.
“Then, it quieted down for a moment before a terrible thump came from the back wall of the cabin. They had all come at the cabin at once, pushing it. We all fell to the floor. They pushed so hard that the whole cabin began to move. Between the thundering pushes, I managed to make my way to the front door. It was the only door. I braced myself as they gave the old place a good long push. Looking out through the broken window I watched as the entire porch disappeared over the ledge of the canyon. The creatures meant to push us over. I opened the door to escape, but when I looked out, I was staring down into the foreboding darkness of the canyon that was about to swallow us whole.

“Another push. I stood up at the door again as the cabin was pushed right out to the center of the chasm. I turned quickly and ran back to the men. They were at the far wall screaming for their lives. Another violent thunderous push, then the cabin began to tip over the edge. Because of the odd construction of the cabin, being an old place with an add-on that was built much later, the front half tore away and disappeared over the edge with the loudest sound of logs snapping and breaking. As the front half of the cabin fell, it took the entire roof with it. When the roof tore away over our heads, our half of the cabin settled back down to the ground.